Test Preparation Courses For  High School Proficiency Equivalency

ALTA / 2018-2019

9th – 12th Grade

The nationally normed proficiency tests ALTA are used by businesses, government, and the military, for salary and job placement.

Program type & Schedule

Purpose and goals:  Planning to take ALTA Tests in the spring of 2019? This program prepares high school students across the U.S.A. for the ALTA proficiency tests which are administered by the Bulgarian School of Seattle in partnership with schools, districts, and Educational Board Committees across the country.

Program type: 9th – 12th grade

Total hours per week: 24/7 access to digital materials, library, extracurricular activities/events, presentations and two hours interactive classes with a teacher online each school week at preset time.

Times per week classes meet: 1 to 2

When classes take place? When registering through the red Apply Nationwide bottom on the side of this page, please select one from the following options:

Where classes take place ?  Online

Registration deadline: September 8, 2018

First semester: September 2018 – January 2019.

Second semester: January 2019-May 2019

Tuition: All classes are one school year long split in two semesters. Classes cost $ 167/month.

The Impact of the Seal of Biliteracy | ALTA Program on Graduation: Please read here.

Please contact us at 425-200-5428 or administration@bulgarianschoolofseattle.com for more information.

Levels taught online

Level 1: Novice to Intermediate

Beginning students study language that can be used in everyday communication. Students study Bulgarian through a communicative approach. Students begin to communicate in the target language through interpersonal speaking and writing, presentational speaking and writing, and interpretive reading and listening. Class will be conducted primarily in Bulgarian with a goal of helping each student become a competent communicator. Students will expand their understanding of Bulgarian culture, as well.

Level 2: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 or instructor’s permission

Students deepen their communication in the target language through speaking, listening, reading and writing. The curriculum will offer deeper use of the language and will be conducted entirely in Bulgarian. In addition to use of the text, students will give presentations, read short stories, watch films and write often in an effort to increase proficiency in Bulgarian.Cultural topics focus on the customs and traditions of Bulgaria.

Aspects of culture included in the program

The classes include cultural and social facts, so that learners may build a deeper understanding of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian national identity. These classes on Bulgarian cultural competences help develop spoken language, as well as cognitive skill and creative imagination.


The course is done in the online format. The online courses are structured in the sense that there are beginning and end dates for the courses as well as assignment due dates, but it is flexible in the sense that you can log in at your convenience. Includes 24/7 access to digital materials, library, extracurricular activities/events, presentations and two hours interactive classes with a teacher online each school week at preset time. You just want to make sure you are submitting coursework by the due dates. The Bulgarian school of Seattle strongly encourages the effective use of educational technology in courses and works with cutting edge technology tools used in education.

Assessments used

When our teachers assess student learning for purely formative purposes, there is no final mark on the paper and no summative grade in the online grade book. Rather, assessment serves as practice for students, just like a meaningful homework assignment does. The greatest value in our formative assessment lies in teachers and students making use of results to improve real-time teaching and learning at every turn.

Teachers give students regular assignments. These may include: worksheets, writing samples, voice recording, individual or group projects, presentations, interviews, quizzes, exams, peer-editing, etc. The have the freedom to choose which assignments will be most effective for their students’proficiency development, and assess the quality of students’work and give them clear and useful feedback. This may include: corrections, comments, recommendations, follow-up tasks, grades, rubric evaluation, etc.

All scholars are expected to attain high standards.


Self-designed materials, meeting the following criteria:

  • Creative and innovative supplement to existing materials
  • Based on authentic materials, if applicable/relevant to the task/purpose
  • Methodologically well organized, with clearly designed pre- and post-task activities, and teacher’s instructions
  • Tested in practice (has been used during class time and adjustments/edits have been considered)
  • Accessible online, technology-enhanced: films, videos, YouTube

Types of Authentic Materials Appropriate for Use in the Digital Classroom

In these courses, students get the chance to work with a variety of authentic materials, both print digital format and audio, that reflect the linguistic and cultural diversity of native speakers.

  • newspapers and magazine articles, features, editorials, ads
  • a variety of literary texts
  • maps
  • letters
  • charts
  • radio segments (news, advice, reviews, travel tips)
  • podcasts
  • films
  • music
  • visual art (paintings, photographs, posters)
  • audio guides, etc.

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