PARENTS participation has always been a very positive link in support to the school.


To maintain high level of academic achievements for all students with special attention to the learning of Bulgarian language, history and literature. Parents committee is committed to develop specific programs and events that support students’ achievements.

Strategy of PTSA:

Help the school serve parents better by improving communications in compliance with the family’s needs, helping parents to better understand the curriculum and to find the best ways to assist the educational progress. Help the school to set up an events. Help the school research the best practices in financing, as well as to attract individual donations for the school. Submit an Application for the PTSA

Submit an Application for the PTSA at Bulgarian School of Seattle

It is a priority for the Bulgarian school of Seattle to create PTSA which support the school community. We are in need of energetic people motivated to responsively take charge of the PTSA. Children, attending the school could be supported in many ways at any time. Parents participation is the best investment for children`s development.