2018 – Established a partnership with the National Heritage Language Resource Center (NHLRC) in developing official statistics on Bulgarian Heritage Language (HL) teaching and learning, by collecting comprehensive data for the purpose of official U.S. education statistics. The Bulgarian School of Seattle is a facilitator in resources of important topics via the website, forums, briefs, and annual conferences.

Achivements_Checkmark2017 – Established a partnership with Maryland & Virginia Seal of Biliteracy Advisory Committee, and with many other states, to ensure that the ALTA test is admitted as acceptable evidence for  language proficiency nationwide. The written and oral assessments accurately reflect the mid-high proficiency range as measured by ACTFL standards.

Achivements_Checkmark2016 –  Established a partnership with the University of Washington and is responsible for the introduction and implementation of the following initiatives: promoting the roles of the Bulgarian School of Seattle; participation in common projects, such as fund-raising initiatives and events; organizing presentations to students who are graduating High Schools and aiming to pursue higher degree at the Department; capacity building for the Bulgarian School of Seattle’s teachers, etc.

Achivements_Checkmark2015  – Bulgarian School of Seattle works side by side with Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) since June 2013 on Road Map World Language Credit Program.  The School is licensed provider for testing Bulgarian as a foreign language (ALTA assessment).

Achivements_Checkmark2014 – Acquiring a non-profit status under section 501(с)(3) of the IRS code in USA.

Achivements_Checkmark    2013  – Licensed under Ordinance # 334 issued by the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria on December 8,                     2011 for Bulgarian Schools Abroad.

Achivements_Checkmark    Acknowledgement letter for educational services provided by the school from Elena Poptodorova,               Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria to the United States. in Bulgarian and in .JPG format)

Achivements_Checkmark   2012  – Membership at the Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad. Welcoming letter from the Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad to Bulgarian School of Seattle (in Bulgarian and in .PDF format).

Achivements_Checkmark    2012 – Participated in the “Bulgarian language and Culture” project, sponsored by the Bulgarian Ministry of     Education.

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