Angela Hasheva

Founder and Principal, Educator

“Leadership is service to others. While on the Bulgarian School of Seattle Board, I support its role in leading the Bulgarian heritage language research, development, and execution. In developing the Nation Initiative for Bulgarian Language Teaching & Learning (NIBLTL) and with the collaboration of thirty coordinators, we fostered the growth of the next generation of the Bulgarian language curriculum development. 

As an advocate for languages, I grasped the importance of making connections and speaking out. I advocate for a long sequence of study, increased digital opportunities, and expanding access for Bulgarian heritage students. Both the High School Credit Language Program and the Nation Initiative for Bulgarian Language Teaching & Learning report provide us with a wealth of information and justification for our work. We must continue to anchor our work in research-based language teaching and learning and provide the tools to move toward true proficiency.

I will continue serving as a language advocate, the voice of the profession, and the colleague of all who work with our heritage learners.

       Angela Hasheva is Founder and Director of the Bulgarian School of Seattle in USA where she leads a school office in one location. She has previously taught French in Bellevue School District as well as in her early teaching career in Europe. Through her leadership, the Bulgarian School of Seattle created a K-12 Native Speakers program and won a Grant through the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. She also serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at Washington Academy of Languages at City University of Seattle for French language courses.

Angela currently serves on the Bulgarian School of Seattle Board of Directors. While on the board, she is elected President and seats on the Executive Committee. She serves as the Leader for the Nation Initiative for Bulgarian Language Teaching & Learning (NIBLTL) where she collaborates with thirty national and regional coordinators to develop the program. Additionally, she represents NIBLTL on the Professional Teaching and Learning Organizations.

As the Bulgarian Language Professional Learning Chair for the Bulgarian School of Seattle, Angela collaborates in organizing professional growth opportunities for Bulgarian language teachers in local and national aspect. Under her leadership, Bulgarian School of Seattle developed the High School Language Credit Program and training for Digital Interactive Language Learning in response to adding student growth in learning and evaluations. Angela organizes Language Proficiency training and focuses professional growth around performance and proficiency. In her role as an advocate in Washington State for Bulgarian language, she is active in Washington Superintendent Office and regional school districts.

As a French teacher, Angela has taught all levels from middle school to Advanced Placement. She held Teaching certification for seventeen years. She has been actively involved in the American Association of Teachers of French her entire professional career.

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