Established in 2011, the Bulgarian School of Seattle – a nonprofit, non-political, scholarly society – is the leading organization, dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about Bulgaria and Bulgarian language in regional and global contexts. As the premier scholarly organization founded in Washington State with more than 2,000 followers, the Bulgarian School of Seattle supports education, training, and learning related to the study of the Bulgarian language and has cultivated the intellectual landscape for over six years through its programs and classes.


Our mission is to enrich students’ heritage awareness and boost their linguistic self-confidence. The Bulgarian School of Seattle guarantee and inspire the next generation to gain the attitude, knowledge and skills needed to learn and act wisely in a competitive and very dynamic environment.


Our goals are to create educational environment that supports and encourages students to pursue creativity and growth, and to challenge them to excel academically in Bulgarian, American and international cultures.


Responsibility, improvement, diligence, curiosity, determination, discipline, ingenuity, respect, patience, appreciation, encouragement, justice, fairness, cordiality, honesty, inspiration,  friendship, faith, and growth.


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