Latest News from the Principal: Bulgarian Language Representative at the NHLRC, University of California, Los Angeles, U.S. Department of Education


My name is Angela Hasheva, the founder and principal of the Bulgarian School of Seattle, in the state of Washington.

Throughout my professional life, languages have been a guiding force, and I would like to give back to the language community. I have served in many professional leadership roles locally, regionally, and nationally.

As we move forward, we must prepare for the future of Bulgarian language education in the United States. We must focus on developing clear pathways for proficiency to maximize our students’ motivation to learn Bulgarian and develop their linguistic abilities. We can replicate the achievements of our programs and further expand the Bulgarian Language High School Credit Program, in place in Washington, to all states. We can build on students’ personal knowledge, heritage background, and increase opportunities to study abroad, to develop linguistically and culturally diverse students.

Through years of volunteer work, perseverance, and determination, we have built the Bulgarian School of Seattle into a respected institution at the community and national levels. Through our National Initiative for Bulgarian Language Teaching & Learning, we aim to expand access to Bulgarian language instruction and testing. We are grounded by our guiding principles and are committed to research-based instructional practices for Bulgarian language learners. We must continue seeking effective ways to teach the language for our 21st century learners, while helping them stay motivated and inspired by history, traditions, and opportunities.

The collaboration with the National Coalition of Community-Based Heritage Language Schools offers guidance for us to expand opportunities for all learners and to develop the tools and resources to promote the Bulgarian language education at all levels. We are committed to developing proficient language learners, who will become multilingual citizens.

As the Bulgarian School of Seattle’s principal and the Coalition’s representative, this is the vision I wish to pursue.


Angela Hasheva

Instructor, City University of Seattle, USA

Language Representative, Coalition of Community-Based Heritage Language Schools, Los Angeles, CA

Founder & Principal at the Bulgarian School of Seattle, USA | eLearning Director



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