History_Headerhistory 1Bulgarian School of Seattle was established in October 2011 by the Bulgarian Cultural club as a nonprofit organization with its main purpose: to serve useful educational activity among the Bulgarian society in Seattle. The Bulgarian Cultural Club is registered in the state of Washington with UBI # 603117729.

Bulgarian School of Seattle is offering paid education in: Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian History, and Bulgarian Geography for children age 4 to 18. The school is open for all children Bulgarian origin permanently or temporary living in Seattle, as well as for others nationality interested in learning. Regardless the stage of knowledge, children get the opportunity to fully develop language skills and knowledge to better understand the Bulgarian culture, behavior and tradition. The education follows the standards of the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria in accordance with their curriculum. Teachers are professionally trained and certified with long lasting teaching experience. The main purpose is to form individuals who carry the customs of two civilizations, but knowing where their roots are.

In a very short amount of time the school became very popular among the Bulgarian society in Seattle. In a sense, the Bulgarian School of Seattle appears to be one large family, using the Bulgarian language and culture as a common parent.

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