Our program identifies heritage language speakers from the following criterias

  • First-generation American-born Bulgarians; children of first-generation Bulgarian immigrants who grow up hearing and speaking Bulgarian to varying degrees in the home and community. Heritage learners with a heritage motivation who achieve some degree of proficiency in Bulgarian and/or are raised with strong cultural connections.
  • The children of temporary residents who clearly have different motivations for studying Bulgarian since they expect to return to Bulgaria after completing certain education in the United States.
  • Children who are adopted into American families, children of mixed heritage, and third or fourth-generation Bulgarian Americans who grow up hearing and speaking predominantly English at home.

Purposes and goals of the program

The onside class instruction is aligned with the goals and milestones of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and covers the contents of the current Bulgarian curriculum standards. The instructors in the School are professionally trained and qualified to teach according to the Implementation Guidelines & Principles for Public Education.

In addition to language instruction, the School includes classes on Bulgarian history and literature, and organizes extracurricular activities to help develop spoken language, as well as cognitive skill and creative imagination, served by a modified native language arts curriculum. The School programs aim to inspire and help shape individuals with dual Bulgarian-American cultural identity and knowledge of their ancestry.

Program type and Student grouping

Program type: Preschool, Elementary , Middle & High School Language Arts Programs

Total hours per week: 2 hrs./week for Pre_K ; 3 hrs./week for 1st-12th grade

Times per week classes meet: 1

When classes take place? Classes take place each Sunday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Preschool classes are from 9:30 to 11:30 am.

1st-12th grade classes are scheduled from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. To register and make a payment, please click the red Register Now bottom on the side of this page.

Where classes take place ?  Stroum Jewish Community Center on Mercer Island at 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Tuition:  All classes are one school year long split in two semesters. Classes cost $ 150/month .

Student grouping: The onside class instruction is aligned with the Bulgarian Ministry of Education curriculum standards.

Preschool / Kindergarten Program

Children are introduced to Bulgarian through individual play, songs, group circle time and other age appropriate basic writing activities. The experience is enhanced through movement activities, songs and craft projects, exposing the children to many Bulgarian cultural traditions. We look at books and talk about them. Children between the ages of 3.5 years to 6 years old are welcome. Previous exposure to the language is not required.

Elementary Program

The Bulgarian School of Seattle is offering an Immersion Elementary Program on Sundays.

1st – 2nd grade

Starting in first grade students are introduced to basic language concepts, with the emphasis on simple communication skills, reading and writing skills. A workbook is used to introduce basic language skills. We continue to teach Bulgarian traditions through songs, play and cultural events.

3rd – 6th grade

Entering 3rd grade and higher students learn more complex concepts of the Bulgarian language. The classes focus on reading stories, writing of more complicated sentence structures and exploring more advanced grammar. Students learn interesting facts about Bulgaria and different countries and their history. The students participate in the Bulgarian events celebrated throughout the year.

Middle School Program

7th – 8th grade

The students practice their advanced language skills. They are introduced to classical literature, writing reports and essays, and learn the origin of Bulgarian celebrations. The students will participate at the traditional Bulgarian events, which will be celebrated throughout the year.

High School Program

9th – 12th grade

The students broaden their advanced language skills with classical literature, writing reports and essays, and Bulgarian geography and history.

Assessments used

  • Teachers must give students regular assignments. These may include: worksheets, writing samples, voice recording, in-class games, individual or group projects, presentations, role-plays, interviews, puzzles, quizzes, exams, peer-editing, etc.
  • Teachers have the freedom to choose which assignments will be most effective for their students’proficiency development.
  • Teachers must assess the quality of students’work and give them clear and useful feedback. This may include: corrections, comments, recommendations, follow-up tasks, grades, rubric evaluation, etc.

All scholars are expected to attain high standards.



  • Bulgarian language textbooks for heritage learners: Bulvest
  • Language Teaching Kits according to the level
  • There are additional resources in Bulgarian language available on the library shelves on campus
  • There are online materials available through the school library
  • There are print materials in the school storage cabinets
  • Additional materials and videos are available through Ucha.se
  • Students may check out books at the library using their library card, which receive from the Program Assistant and Adviser when classes are confirmed.

Self-designed materials, meeting the following criteria:

  • Creative and innovative supplement to existing materials
  • Based on authentic materials, if applicable/relevant to the task/purpose
  • Methodologically well organized, with clearly designed pre- and post-task activities, and teacher’s instructions
  • Tested in practice (has been used during class time and adjustments/edits have been considered)
  • Accessible online, technology-enhanced

Students’ expectations of the program

  • Effective learning community where everyone feels welcomed and contributes to everyone else feeling welcome
  • Mutual respect
  • Humor
  • Feeling safe
  • Clear directions
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Study guides and reading materials providing support needed to succeed
  • Being seen with the eyes of care and love.

Parents’ or guardians’ expectations of the program

  • Learners have equitable opportunities to develop language skills and achieve the content and learning priorities established by the school.
  • The learning culture promotes creativity, innovation and collaborative problem-solving.
  • The organization has a structure to ensure students are supported during their educational experiences.
  • The curriculum is based on high expectations and prepares learners for their next levels.
  • Teachers constantly implement effective, individualized instructional strategies that address each learner’s needs.
  • Learning progress is reliably assessed and constantly and clearly communicated.
  • The program provides ample learning resources and materials.
  • Qualified personnel who support the organization’s purpose.

Parents’ or guardians’ involvement in the program

  • In the extra curriculum activities
  • In some operational processes and procedures to ensure effectiveness in support of teaching and learning
  • Written code of functions within defines roles and responsibilities; engages in ongoing events and practices ; fundraising
  • Engagement in a continuous improvement process
  • Collectively demonstrate actions to ensure the achievements of the program’s purpose and desired outcomes for students.


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