Bulgarian for Native Speakers – Twelfth Grade

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Bulgarian for Native Speakers – Twelfth Grade


The level of knowledge of the Bulgarian language is crucial for the success of students. In the Bulgarian School of Seattle, children learn to use the Bulgarian language from an early age and develop their skills to attain better academic accomplishment.



In the company of their peers, participating in the school’s activities, games and entertainment as well as quizzes and exams, students begin to use and maneuver the language freely. In addition to improving their language skills, students have the opportunity to experience Bulgarian customs and culture, and enhance impressions, self-confidence, and knowledge.


Class times Subject
11:30 am. – 12:05 pm. Bulgarian Language
12:05 pm. – 12:15 pm. Break
12:15 pm. – 12:50 pm. Bulgarian Language
12:50 pm. – 1:10 pm. Lunch
1:10 pm. – 13:45 pm. Bulgarian Language
1:45 pm. – 1:55 pm. Break
1:55 pm. – 2:30 pm. Social Studies



Beginning September 1st, 2017, Bulgarian School of Seattle transitions to new programs and levels, allowing students to choose the benefits that best help them achieve their educational goals. Unless otherwise noted, all tuition amounts listed are for the entire school year. Bulgarian school of Seattle allows tuition to be paid in the following calendar payments:

• Annually in full – Due at the beginning of the school year
• Bi-Annually – Due at the beginning of each semester


Bi-annual tuition for the 2017/2018 school year is calculated as $33/school week, which includes access to digital materials, library, extracurricular activities/events, presentations and two/three hours interactive classes with a teacher on site each school week. Monthly value of the classes equates to $132. Bi-annual tuition amount is $594. The Bi-Annual tuition for the first semester is due by 20 September 2017.The Bi-Annual tuition for the second semester is due by 20 January 2018. The Bi-Annual tuition for second and third student in the family is prorated and paid with 10% discount.


Administrative fee for the school year 2017/2018 is a one-time fee in the amount of $40. This fee is due in full when the student application is submitted.

Course Features

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  • Skill level Successfully passing level entry test
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  • The curriculum and schedule are available for students in the digital classroom.

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