Bulgarian for Native Speakers – Fourth Grade

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Bulgarian for Native Speakers – Fourth Grade


In the fourth grade, the training of the Bulgarian language and literature comply with the accomplishment already achieved by the students in terms of their ability to understand and communicate in Bulgarian. Further taken into account are the students’ abilities to summarize and organize their knowledge, their ability to independently perform and complete specific grammatical and verbal tasks, and their ability to self-edit and self-evaluate their work with the help of templates.


The students are able to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the basic units of the grammatical system of the Bulgarian language. These rules and norms of the language are required in the correct construction of verbal communication, presenting different variants of language expression which represent the variety of possibilities of the language for communication. Communication through artwork and the presentation of the most intriguing Bulgarian and foreign children literature is oriented toward enriching the visual and emotional perception of literary works, intensifying emotional empathy when reading these stories, and maintaining and stimulating interest toward characters and messages of the stories. The opportunities for self-expression, choice and its justification, analysis of observed linguistic phenomena, comparison and summary of mastered knowledge and skill is also presented to students and they are able to become independent.


Class times Subject
11:30 am. – 12:05 pm. Bulgarian Language
12:05 pm. – 12:15 pm. Break
12:15 pm. – 12:50 pm. Bulgarian Language
12:50 pm. – 1:10 pm. Lunch
1:10 pm. – 13:45 pm. Bulgarian Language
1:45 pm. – 1:55 pm. Break
1:55 pm. – 2:30 pm. Social Studies

Course Features

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  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 140.5 hours
  • Skill level Successfully passing level entry test
  • Language Bulgarian
  • Students 6
  • Assessments Self
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