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Through our educational coordinators, you can sign up for classes, find course content, digital resources and applications, designed to help our students achieve more in the Bulgarian language learning acquisition.

Looking for the Bulgarian School of Seattle Coordinator in Oak Harbor & Whidbey Island?

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Vanya Brown – Coordinator

“I am very interested to see your advertisement for a Coordinator at Bulgarian School of Seattle, and I am eager to consider this challenge and opportunity to promote my native language and culture in United States. I think my background and your requirements may be a good match.
Thirty years of my life I lived in my Country, Bulgaria surrounded by her reach culture and traditions. I live in USA in the last 13 years which provided me with an opportunity to learn the language and the American culture. I feel very comfortable using both languages, Bulgarian and English and I will be very happy to use these skills to promote the Bulgarian language through the Bulgarian School of Seattle.”

 Vanya Brown