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Alexandra Georgieva – Coordinator

“Education has always been of huge meaning to me, starting from my childhood when I was raised by a Literature teacher, going through the intense curriculum of an English Language School and later taking my 4-year Bachelor’s degree in just 3 years. Nowadays I already have 4 years of teaching experience and I love my job to its core! I believe that the education we provide to our children is fundamental for their development and for them becoming positive, smart and successful adults.
Being a mother of two young children in the USA, both of whom 100% Bulgarian, I embrace the mission of the Bulgarian schools all over America. I believe that our children need to know where they come from and they need to learn how to positively connect to their roots, our rich history, culture and traditions. It is disappointing and sad that a lot of the Bulgarian children raised in America have lost the connection to their heritage by not even speaking the language and I do want to work on helping young kids develop and maintain their interest in Bulgarian culture. Both my husband and I have been doing Bulgarian folklore music since we were kids and our family strongly believes that educating our children about Bulgaria, teaching them the language and helping them become literate in Bulgarian is not only our responsibility but also our obligation.”