Bulgarian School of Seattle, Washington  in Idaho, USA

We’re constantly creating and innovating more effective and affordable ways to learn Bulgarian.

Through our educational coordinators, you can sign up for classes, find course content, digital resources and applications, designed to help our students achieve more in the Bulgarian language learning acquisition.

 Looking for the Bulgarian School of Seattle Coordinator in Idaho?

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Kapka Smith – Coordinator




“I am very interested in applying for this position and be added to the staff of this incredible school of opportunities for all Bulgarian children here in the US.
I admire the creativity and dedication of the staff members to this cause. I am grateful for your ideas, and hard work to implement them. IT will be an honor to be involved and dedicate time, skills and efforts to this work. I myself have two boys who I would love to have an opportunity to learn about their heritage and language on more professional level. “

Kapka Smith, LMSW