Become a volunteer!  

As a non-profit organization, the Bulgarian School of Seattle is seeking for young, fluent in the Bulgarian language people, who can assist the teachers in our classrooms every Sunday, and who can empower young people through learning the Bulgarian language. Our mission is in helping children to learn the Bulgarian language and traditions. We recruit and train accomplished high sc hool, college and community Bulgarians to serve as volunteer tutors and mentors. As a tutor, they will work one-on-one with students throughout the school year, leading lessons that support student’s learning and pronunciation technique while encouraging their creativity and individual interests. They will also participate in group discussions with teachers and other tutors on topics surrounding Bulgarian education and traditions.

We are looking for volunteers with strong language skills, a passion for working with children, an interest in community service, a commitment to growth as a teacher and mentor (no prior teaching experience necessary).

To become a volunteer contact us,  email, or call 425-200-5428.



The better we do expanding access to good quality education, the better we can create a faster growing and more sustainable school.That’s why we are launching a partnership with that will be increasing educational opportunities for our students. The partnership has already provided full access to the company’s educational database and video lessons. We’ve committed $$$ to explore the sort of learning experiences that are needed and will work to help our students grow.

So hold us accountable for our actions and our impact. That includes creating curriculum and courses, signing contracts, administrating assessments and initializing online educational services for our students. Our ultimate mission is to impact and support young people and their future. If we fail at that, we fail as a purpose-driven organization.

Community_Engagement-teatarBG Theatre Seattle

A Bulgarian amateur theater group established in April 2010. Their goal is to promote and preserve our Bulgarian heritage while enjoying the beauty of theater. Currently they have 9 actors, our art director and a prompter as permanent group members.

BG Theatre Seattle often performs at the Bulgarian School of Seattle events.

Children’s Folk Ensemble  “Hopa-Trop”

Hopа-Trop is an unique folk ensemble for children, dedicated to study and perform traditional Bulgarian dances and songs from all regions of Bulgaria.

Along with learning and performing Bulgarian folk dances, the children are taught to sing traditional folklore songs, play simple musical instruments and gain knowledge of traditional customs. The program is lead by Dani Makedonska, Art director and choreographer.

Community_Engagement-cvetnicaBulgarian Voices of Seattle

The choir is directed by Mary Sherhart, who studied with the professional folk choir “Varna,” in Varna, Bulgaria. Bulgarian Voices of Seattle provides a musical bridge into their rich heritage for the local Bulgarian community and general public through performances at Bulgarian and other community events.  Singing together builds community not only in rehearsal and performance, but in the many conversations after events.  There is a wonderful ripple effect that emanates from the choir all the way to families in Bulgaria.

Malincho LtdCommunity_Engagement-malincho

The Bulgarian Online Store!

Every year Malincho Ltd. delivers all the necessary books and school supplies from Bulgaria to the Bulgarian School of Seattle.


Community_Engagement-RadaRada Dimitrova

I am proud to be part of the Bulgarian school of Seattle! To me it was a challenge to be a teacher there. To see my success abroad makes me to put even more effort and energy toward. Good cheer!”

Rada Dimitrova – graduated in 1991 “Veliko Tarnovo University” major Bulgarian Studies. In 2001 graduated Bulgarian studies with English language. She has over 20 years of experience as a school teacher. She teaches English first through fourth grade. She welcomes any challenges with a smile. She loves mountains, literature, and traveling.

Community_Engagement-BezcennaBezcenna Staynova

„I feel like a modern revival, which passes the knowledge of the rich Bulgarian culture and history to the Bulgarian kids abroad. Feel proud spreading glory in America and worldwide.”

Bezcenna Staynova graduated in 1993 “Veliko Tarnovo University” major Bulgarian Studies and History. She works as a teacher in Bulgarian language, literature and history at technical high school “Georgi Rakovski” – Stara Zagora. Despite all the difficulties in Bulgaria, she practices with love her profession, inventing new methods to catch children’s attention into the Bulgarian language and literature.