Bulgarian School of Seattle is currently seeking a Bulgarian language teacher. This position is in the Bulgarian Curriculum within a dual language environment. Subjects taught are Reading, Writing, Speaking, Social Emotional Learning Skills. Teachers are responsible for implementing the mission and philosophy of the School, as well as working in collaboration with their counterparts in the Bulgarian Curriculum. Working towards harmonization between the English Curriculum and the Bulgarian Curriculum is a priority.

Applicants should have prior K-12 grade level language teaching experience, a desire to be part of an outstanding community of teachers and learners and a willingness to adapt to the unique program at the Bulgarian School. Successful candidates will be passionate about working with students, have knowledge of current educational practices and strategies and be able to use flexible and innovative pedagogical techniques appropriate to a variety of learning styles.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with team members and administration regarding curriculum, classroom activities, and student progress
  • Attends all scheduled faculty and community meetings, being aware that some of these may take place outside of regular school hours
  • Keeps records and reports as required by the administration
  • Is familiar with procedures for emergency situations

Students and Classroom

  • Implements the curriculum appropriate for grade level
  • Provides a variety of learning opportunities, methods and materials
  • Acknowledges and plans for the diversity of abilities and learning styles within the classroom
  • Encourages the growth of the ethical character of students
  • Imparts enthusiasm for learning to students
  • Provides and maintains a stimulating, safe environment
  • Practices appropriate and effective classroom management techniques
  • Supervises students in all areas of the building
  • Attends meetings


  • Maintains effective communication with parents to keep them informed of student’s performance, curriculum, and classroom activities.

To apply, please contact us.

Bulgarian School of Seattle – Administration
PO Box 7092/ Bellevue, WA 98008
Tel. 425.200.5428 / administration@bulgarianschoolofseattle.com

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