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Our Mission

We understand that the way people learn is dynamic, and that the education landscape is continuously evolving. Our mission is to partner with the global education community to enable student and institutional success, by leveraging innovative technologies and services.

With an unmatched understanding of the world of the learner, the most comprehensive student-success solutions, and the greatest capacity for innovation, Blackboard is education’s partner in change. We are driving the industry to new destinations.

Additional Information

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Bulgarian School of Seattle and Blackboard

Bulgarian School of Seattle and Blackboard are working together to tailor the educational technology services provided by Blackboard to serve the specifics needed by the educators at the Bulgarian School of Seattle. Based on the established collaboration Bulgarian School of Seattle has integrated the following platforms in its curriculum and programs:

Bulgarian School of Seattle ALTA preparation courses

Bulgarian School of Seattle offers the following preparation courses to the meet the educational objectives and successful passing the ALTA Bulgarian Language Test examination: