Establishing Bulgarian Language Competency Testing

Step 1: Registration

To register for ALTA 2017 test please submit your registration information via the form below:

Step 2: Paying for Assessments

The Bulgarian School of Seattle will set a fee for the assessments to cover administrative costs, test fees, and/or proctoring. Fees may vary depending on the assessment costs.


  • For all Bulgarian School of Seattle regular students $250. Pay here.
  • For all other candidates $450 with the requirement to take a pre-assessment test (practice a quick write and a conversation). Pay here.
 The ALTA tests measure student proficiency: what he/she can do with the language (not what he/she know about the language, such as grammar facts or vocabulary definitions). Candidates will be asked to speak and write about different topics to see whether their proficiency level is more at the Novice level, Intermediate level, or Advanced level.
Step 3: Offering Testing Opportunities
The Bulgarian School of Seattle manages the assessment process so that students from multiple districts in Washington State  have opportunities to take or retake the assessment(s) required to demonstrate proficiency. Assessments are offered in a proctored setting which includes district buildings, community colleges, universities, or other educational settings.

One Week Before Testing Date

  • Sending out reminders to students and time of oral interview, if scheduled

Testing Day

  • Proctors from the school arrive 30–45 minutes early for instructions
  • Students check in with proctors and provide a photo ID. Verify name on registration list
  • Supply pens for students
  • Collect all tests and testing directions before students leave
  • Give students written assignment to complete
  • Speaking Tests: send students to phone interview spot at appointment time

Two Days Later

  • Students who score zero on the ILR (International Language Rating) for writing do not qualify for credits; don’t pass oral
  • Scheduling a speaking appointment for students who received a score of zero+ (0+) or higher on the written test
Step 4: Reporting Results
Results  are available within a few days of submitting. After the oral exams are complete, student credits can be calculated. Students need a minimum of a speaking and writing test to earn credits – unless the language has no written form. Students receive credit based on their lowest skill score, since this reflects their proficiency in Bulgarian language.




*You should be aware that different colleges have different policies with regards to Language Tests in foreign languages. You should check with the colleges that you’re interested in regarding their policies and seek guidance from your counselor on your specific situation.