Welcome to the Bulgarian School of Seattle, the world’s most innovative language learning community. We have a simple mission: to preserve the heritage language and to help students make more of their lives through language learning. We are the most distinguished Bulgarian School which has formally contributed to the recognition of the Bulgarian language in the American Public System Nationwide.

           Bulgarian School of Seattle offers two different online  programs to all students who are motivated to learn Bulgarian as a second language in the United States. Beyond the Bulgarians school campus experience, this school year, the high school credit program (ALTA, Level 1 & ALTA, Level 2) along with the new communicative courses for beginners and advanced learners will give students the opportunity to gain language knowledge and create written and oral skills needed within 9 months of education, split in two semesters during the school year.

Designed for high school age kids, our weekly two-hour teacher-led virtual classroom offers an interactive and immersive environment to prepare students for ALTA assessment, which test students can take with us at the end of the school year. The virtual classroom is supplemented with an engaging 24 hour/ 7 days a week accessible online Student Portal and mobile application where students can continue exploring the language resources, studying materials and videos,  structured in unit modules. Students want to make sure that they are submitting coursework by the due dates. In addition, each week they will have discussion board questions to participate in which will also give them participation points.

Using the same engaging and research-driven curriculum, our communicative courses are geared towards students 12 years and older and adults with zero to limited exposure to the Bulgarian language. We are currently offering communicative classes at Level 1 and Level 2. For more advanced learners, we customize the curriculum based on their language needs and goals.

Requirements for attending the Bulgarian School of Seattle classes depend upon the program in which you choose to enroll. The following list serves as a guide for who should go where for particular admissions information:

  • Language Arts Programs for Heritage Learners following the Bulgarian Ministry of Education guidelines for Pre-K to 12th grade
  • High School Credit Programs (ALTA) to meet the requirements for achieving a Seal of Bi-literacy recognized nationwide 
  • Communicative language program to expand the communication, linguistic and cultural awareness in middle & high school students and adults 

If you need additional information, please reach out to our admissions advisor, Zornitza Shomev at  admissions@bulgarianschoolofseattle.com

Application Process

Once you have decided to enroll into one of the Bulgarian School of Seattle programs, you will need to apply.

There is one simple step to follow when submitting your application – complete an online application form aligned with each program.

Contact an admissions advisor at admissions@bulgarianschoolofseattle.com to map out other admission requirements.

Some additional admissions criteria apply. Please visit our web  page or contact the admissions advisor to learn more.

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